King and Country - Two years old screenshot - [Homework Edit]

13. 6. 2023

I am being honest if I say that sometimes I questioned myself whether or not I wasted my time on video games.

I took this screenshot two years ago. The comment I circled was under a video, which has now been removed. However, here it has been re-uploaded. It is an ambient mix of the Oblivion soundtrack, specifically the King and Country track. It occurs to me that just as some movies wouldn't be nearly as successful and especially immersive (StarWars, LotR, Harry Potter) without their iconic music, some game franchises, like Might of Magic here, wouldn't be able to make such a strong mark on gamers' memories. Music, but also the more minor sound effects, are like the olfactory memory of virtual places in games. One doesn't pay as much attention to it when passing through a place, but later the smell (or music in games) itself makes the place present again - wherever we are at that moment.

Now, read that comment on the screenshot, listen to the track and do your [Homework].

Comment of Yardbird